Tomten’s Village Double Edge Border

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Tomten’s Village by Eva Melhuish for Lewis and Irene is a stunning collection of Christmas prints featuring the Scandinavian mythological creature, the Tomten.  The Tomten’s Village Double Edge Border fabric can either be purchased by the metre and half metre, ideal for Christmas tablecloths, or by the panel, measuring approximately 48cm x 144cm. The panel is perfect for a Christmas wall hanging or tote bags; this extra-wide print provides enough fabric in one panel for the exterior and lining of a tote bag.  The Christmas Village print runs along both borders of the fabric and the central section of the fabric is a lovely dark blue starry sky design. The height of the Tomten design to the top of the tallest roof with smoking chimney is approximately 30cm.  The central starry sky section measures approximately 84cm and then the Tomten design is mirrored along the opposite edge of the fabric for the remaining 30cm,

There are several co-ordinating allover prints available in the Tomten’s Village and Keep Believing collections.  There is a similar Double Edge Border Panel available in the Keep Believing collection.


Tomten’s Village by Eva Melhuish for Lewis and Irene is the third collection of these beautiful and evocative Tomten Christmas fabrics.  Eva’s Scandinavian roots are a key influence in her designs; she is best known for her atmospheric Christmas illustrations and wintry scenes.  Tomten is a Swedish mythological creature with a beard and a red cap, similar in appearance to a Christmas elf or Santa Claus.  The fabrics in the Tomten’s Village collection include an extra-wide double edge border fabric which can be purchased as a panel or by the metre, a box panel with 21 individual images, a placemat panel with 6 placemat designs, a bunting panel with 16 pennants, a cushion panel with 4 designs, a stocking panel with 4 stocking prints to make 2 stockings and allover prints including a striking shooting stars print and Tomten’s trees and Tomten’s Village on dark blue.  The fabrics from the Keep Believing collection also co-ordinate with the Tomten’s Village collection.  These are premium quality 100% cotton fabrics, ideal for quilting, patchwork, dressmaking, Christmas tablecloths, tableware, cushions, aprons, gift bags, stockings, bunting and craft projects. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Double Border Panel: 48cm x 144cm
Box Panel: 46cm x 112cm
Stocking Panel: 45cm x 112cm
Placemat Panel: 47cm x 112cm
Bunting Panel: 61cm x 112cm
Cushion Panel: 92cm x 112cm

Double Edge Border Fabric:
1 Metre: 100cm x 144cm
Half Metre: 50cm x 144cm
Panel: 48cm x 144cm

Allover Prints:
1 Metre:     100cm x 112cm
Half Metre:   50cm x 112cm
Fat Quarter:   50cm x 56cm

Orders of more than one metre will be cut in a continuous length.  If you order more than one metre or more than one panel of the double edge border fabric, they will be cut as a continuous length.  If you order a combination of metres and panels, they will be cut from separate bolts to ensure that the panel contains the complete Tomten illustration, so will come as separate pieces.

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